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The Difference Between Fixed Dental Implant Bridges & Snap on Dentures

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Dentures and bridges are common dental care solutions to replace heavily damaged or missing teeth. If you have several teeth that need work right next to each other, than either of these options can address the problem. However, implant bridges and snap on dentures are different dental solutions that have their own benefits. Here is a look at the differences between fixed dental implant bridges and snap on dentures.  

What are Fixed Dental Implant Bridges?

The key difference between the two options is that fixed dental implant bridges are permanent and snap on dentures are not. Both use dental implants, which serve as replacement roots for your teeth made out of titanium, to hold them in place. The implants are placed in your jawbone and stay there. The bridge or the dentures sit on top.

A bridge is a partial row of teeth, including three or more replacement teeth, that attaches to the implants. Fixed bridges are permanently attached and can only be removed with specialized dental tools. They are designed to stay in at all times until a dentist needs to remove them for repairs or replacement.

What are Snap-On Dentures?

Snap on dentures use the same style of dental implant as the bridges for their base. However, these dentures can be connected or removed with your hands and some light pressure. They work in the same way as traditional dentures and are usually reserved for replacements that cover most of a row of teeth. The key difference is that you attach them to the implants rather than using a sealing agent like dental cement. 

Snap-On Dentures Need Fewer Implants

One of the biggest benefits to snap-on dentures is that they need fewer implants over a lifetime. Snap-on dentures can be attached with as few as two implants. For an entire row of teeth, four implants are generally used. This means that you will need a smaller number of implants than if you replaced individual or smaller groups of teeth. Often, this translates into fewer dental surgeries and a more comfortable fit than other dental solutions.

Fixed Dental Implant Bridges Look More Like Natural Teeth

People choose dental implant bridges because they look more like natural teeth. Bridges are customized to fit and match the surrounding teeth, including their color. Because of this and advancements in bridge development, the bridge can look very similar to your other teeth, making them blend in better. For many people, having replacement teeth that look like their natural teeth is important. It will help you feel more confident in your smile in the future. 

Modify Existing Dentures with Snap-On Dentures

If you already have a set of dentures that you like but want the benefits of snap-on dentures, then you can have them modified. Converting them is relatively easy. A dentist needs to measure your dentures and determine where the implants will be. Then, once the implants are placed, then your dentist can modify your dentures that have matching snaps so that they fit with your new dental implants. 

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